Lancashire to London Cycle Ride Completed Successfully!

By Gulab Mostofa

A group of determined (and perhaps crazy!) cyclists took on the challenge to cycle from Lancashire to London in 2 days!

The team made up of brothers with different personalities, backgrounds and ages decided to take the challenge on to raise money for a school in Sierra Leone via Ummah Welfare Trust and in Nelson, Lancashire via Fountains of Knowledge.

Ayaz Khan from London explained; “We are blessed to have taken part in raising much needed funds, which will educate orphans in West Africa and education for girls at Eden Girls high school in Nelson, Lancashire, ultimately for our hereafter.

Before pedalling off from Nelson, the group were met by Zak Ahmed one of the volunteers and Sulayman Aslam from Fountains of Knowledge – The projects were explained in detail, important naseehah was imparted by Ustadh Abdul Mukith, hugs were exchanged and waved the cyclists off and wished them well for the next 2 days.

We then made it an aim to reach Manchester and continue through the glorious Cheshire countryside and then towards Stoke for our first lunch stop

The cyclists and their two support drivers made sure to stay in touch with the team at every 25-30 miles or so, ensuring all the nutritional requirements were met.

Towards the end of halfway point closer to Birmingham, the city traffic and arduous meandering through some very strange canal paths and bridges, we were met with our generous hosts at Masjid Hamza and then onto a much deserved meal to conclude day one. May Allah reward the volunteers who went out of their way to help in every way they could.

Day Two

Onto day two and there were points where tenacity and determination was tested but the cyclists pushed through and even enjoyed parts of the challenge. One in particular being a stop off at a Farm cafe in the middle of nowhere, delicious pizza and chicken wings were enjoyed – before going on to ride off through the tree lined narrow lanes of the countryside.

The group had split into two after a few brothers started experiencing aching and fatigued muscles. Suffice to say everyone played their part to help each other an dkeep the spirits up

The groups arrived in London just before 8pm. Arriving into Whitechapel and the Madina Grill which has become The HQ for AICC over the years.

If you are looking to do a long-distance ride and would like something to tell your cycling friends in a cafe-stop then this is one of the best. Our advice would be to ensure that you have cycled over 100 miles previously and are confident riding along busy roads. We look forward to having you onboard our next AICC adventure!





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