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Cycling uphill | Muslim Cyclists | AICC

0-60 in 3 months | Week 3

The Beauty of Lancashire & Lemonade! By Lesu Miah The winding roads of Lancashire and the North of England for that matter, are well known

Cycling training plan for beginners | Muslim Cyclists | AICC

A 6-Week Beginners Cycling Training Plan

By Gulab Mostofa (Training plan adapted from the book, Bike Your B*tt Off!) This cycling training plan covers everything from cornering to cadence, while introducing you

Steven Burke Sports Hub | Muslim Cyclists | AICC

0-60 in 3 months | Week 2

So… After the whole intro…the buying of the bike…the equipment…the gear…after all the chat and banter, the reality has just hit. I have now GOT

From fat to Fit | Muslim Cyclists | AICC

0-60 in 3 months | Week 1

by Lesu Miah I’m Muhammad ‘Lesu’ Hamzah a 40 year old banking professional who’s had enough of being unfit – and I intend to embark

A Newbies Guide to Cycle Gear

By Gulab Mostofa If you’ve just started out, the options can be overwhelming. Just what are those gadgets, items of clothing, and expensive equipment about,


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Unity Ride for CAGE 2021 Review

By Gulab Mostofa What makes a ride truly epic? Is it distance, is it climbing, or is it the company?  Alhamdulillah The 5th annual Unity

From fat to Fit | Muslim Cyclists | AICC

Century Ride Training Plan

Get the long rides in In your first week, you’ll want to ride 1.5 to 2 hours, or about 20 miles, and build from there.