Our aims

About Us

Al-Imaan Cycle Club (AICC) is a exciting non-for-profit organisation which aims to popularise cycling (specifically road bikes) as a sport for the Muslim community.

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, ”A strong believer is better and is more lovable to Allah than a weak believer, and there is good in everyone,”— Sahih Muslim

Our vision is that all Muslims, regardless of age, background or ability are enthused to take part in cycling for their health and fitness with the intention to please Allah. This website is for anyone who wishes to learn about cycling — and for Muslims in particular to come forward and participate whilst sharing the vision in helping our community become stronger.

Our Mission

We want every Muslim and non-Muslim regardless of their age, background or level of ability to feel able to take up cycling. Too often Muslims - with the most to gain from cycling are the least able to take part due to a variety of reasons.

Research by Sport England show that people who state they have no religion are more likely to be physically active compared to those that belong to a faith group.

Amongst those practising a religion, those of a Buddhist, Christian, Jewish or Sikh faith are more likely to be physically active. In contrast, activity levels are lowest amongst those who practise Islam.

Allah's Messenger (Peace be upon him) said: A strong believer is better and is more lovable to Allah than a weak believer, and there is good in everyone’. (Sahih Muslim 2664)

How do we reconcile the above Hadeeth with our current condition? As a Muslim this should be something to be concerned about and needs to be addressed - that’s why AICC are on a mission to attempt to help address these issues and break down stereo-types and ensure everyone benefits.

We do this by providing advice, insight and practical help that improves the communities long term physical, spiritual and mental well-being.

Physical Wellbeing

We are well aware that cycling can give a huge boost to our health.
  It can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 30-40% (which is very common in the Asian/Muslim community) and can reduce the risk of a range of medical conditions, including dementia, strokes, heart disease and depression.
  Cycling can also lead to improvements in strength, balance, movement and motor skills, and help in maintaining a healthy body weight. 
  Other physical wellbeing outcomes backed by evidence include improved quality of sleep, increased energy levels, healthy development in youth, reduced unhealthy behaviours like smoking and improved quality of life in old age

Spiritual Wellbeing

One of the cornerstones of AICC is encouraging participants to be mindful of Allah when cycling, training or fundraising for a charity ride.
The traditions of Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) undoubtedly encourage involvement in sporting activities as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage brotherly/sisterly love.

Keeping your lips moist with Dhikr whilst cycling is highly recommended. Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) used to say ‘Allahu Akbar (takbeer) when climbing a hill and Subhan- Allah (tasbeeh) when going down into a valley - we should emulate that when cycling up and down the many hills we encounter (especially up North!).

A true Muslim recognises the unique design and splendour of the human body and is grateful to Allah. This gratitude should be shown in the care and attention given to maintaining good health.

A cyclist will observe on their travels many scenic landscapes and luscious green countryside - a Muslim should reflect on who created all this when taking in these views.

Cycling and other forms of exercise whilst an integral part in the life of a Muslim, shouldn’t come at the expense of religious obligations, nor should it infringe upon the time spent with family. In accordance with the Islamic approach to life, everything must be in moderation.