The Best Way To Protect Yourself and your Cycling gains is with…Adhkar.

By Gulab Mostofa

Have the brothers from your club ever complimented you on how beautiful your new steed is, only for you to find a deep scratch on the frame or some mechanical problem moments later?

Have you ever smashed out a long ride and uploaded it on Strava and ended up with an injury soon after?

Envy. That raging flame that burns deep in the heart of every envious person. The raging envy that no amount of smiles and fake compliments can hide.

The Evil eye (in Arabic: Ayn, in Urdu: Nathara) is an illness which some people (not everyone) carry. It entails looking at a blessing which someone has within themselves or from that which they possess from worldly possessions with amazement or liking it. This then leads to dwelling on the matter, continually looking at the person who has the thing which he feels jealous towards and subsequently leading to an attack described as rays emitting from a person’s eyes (and their soul) and subsequently affecting him physically/ mentally causing him to become ill.

There are different types of Evil Eye which a person can become afflicted with.
They are:

(العين) Ayn – The eye from someone who may love or know you and not have evil intentions towards you.

(الحســـد) Hasad – The envious eye from someone who hates or dislikes you or something you have but wants it removed from you.

(النفس) Nafs – The admiring eye which a person can put on themselves.

(النظرة) Nathara – The evil eye which comes from the Jinn.

The Evil Eye takes place when an envier has such raging envy in their heart that it causes harm to the person or object being envied.

It is a piercing arrow that leaves the soul of the envier and hits the person being envied. Sometimes it affects the envied and other times it doesn’t sometimes it doesn’t.

When it does affect the envied, the harm is proportionate to the hatred and anger in the heart of the envier, at its lowest it can cause your bike to develop mechanical issues or for you to suddenly develop an unexplained injury, at its worst it can cause serious injury or even death.

Do not share or spread every good news about yourself except to a small number of people who rejoice at your good fortune, this includes families and friends as well since sometimes it is those closest to you who envy you most and cause you the most harm. 

The Solution: Morning & Evening Adhkaar

These are a set of supplications prescribed by the Messenger ﷺ which a Muslim should read on a daily basis. The Prophet ﷺ said that if you say them twice daily, they will protect you against all type of hidden and open harm.

Hidden harm means envy, Evil Eye, jealousy, black magic, jinn possession etc. and open harm means falling over, cutting your hand, being attacked on the street, having a cycling accident etc.

The morning supplications should be said anytime after Fajr (dawn) or as soon as possible at the start of your day. Ideally, say them before you leave your house for the day and the evening supplications should be recited anytime after Asr (late afternoon) and before sunset. 

Recite them, encourage your families to say them and blow them over young children. The first time you read them, take a few moments to read what they mean and the benefits they will bring you and make an intention to carry on with this practise until you leave this world.

The Morning and Evening Supplications can be found here English, Arabic and transliterated.

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