Unity Ride for CAGE 2021 Review

By Gulab Mostofa

What makes a ride truly epic? Is it distance, is it climbing, or is it the company?  Alhamdulillah The 5th annual Unity Ride for CAGE had the perfect blend of all 3.

With 70 riders riders across the UK riding in Blackburn, Birmingham and London ready to set off the atmosphere was one of excitement and nerves, many of the intermediate riders apprehensive at the coming day, some having never ridden anywhere close to the distance of 40 miles.

One thing that really stood out from the other cycling events was the number of new cyclists, more chat and generally a sociable mood – I must say how pleasant it was to ride with this mix, less competition and more brotherhood. 

Speaking of brotherhood, the organisation we fundraised for is CAGE.

CAGE are at the forefront of defending the Muslim community from draconian government policies at home and highlighting the plight of prisoners in places such as Guantanamo Bay. They provide invaluable support to victims of the ‘War on Terror’ however they are completely reliant on the financial support of the community. It’s only right we support them.

The weather was beautiful Alhamdulillah (even in Lancashire) Whilst the route in Lancashire ensures you can’t escape hills, our London brethren on the other hand rode out searching for slight inclines.

For those that had nursed achey knees or sore backsides those feelings left to be replaced by euphoria at the realisation that their challenge had been completed and we were met with a delicious array of grilled meats, roti and curries post-ride.

Photo’s were taken, families were called, pictures were WhatsApp’d and Instagramm’d.

Between us over £10,000 has been raised, Alhamdulillah. Not a bad effort but you still feel we could have pushed more.

There are a few days left before the fundraising pages close, please do visit the page here https://givebrite.com/rideforcage and donate whatever you can.

We look forward to organising the CAGE Unity Ride next year and call upon all the muslim cycle clubs out there to collaborate with us and make it even bigger!

May Allah accept all our efforts, ameen.





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