‘Ride for Yemen’ Charity Cycle Ride hailed a success, Alhamdulillah!

By Gulab Mostofa

Our much loved Blackburn loop ride made a return this year with 20 cyclists taking part!

Overcoming some tough climbs, these cyclists helped raise over £10k for the war weary people of Yemen. The recently discovered gem of a charity AICC partnered with was the little known Humanity Care Relief based in Nelson, more on them later .

The Blackburn Preston route is one of AICC’s favourite beginner/intermediate routes for a challenging cycle ride, spanning 40 miles.

Zak Ahmed of AICC, took part in the ride and said the ride had been a great success.

He said: “It’s been brilliant Alhamduilillah, we were really fortunate with the weather and it has been one of our more memorable one day rides.

“It’s for the poor and destitute people of Yemen and the money raised is going to them via Humanity Care Relief, check them out at https://www.humanitycarerelief.org.uk/.

“As a cycle club we have to ensure  we fundraise for most needy causes through reputable charities – we just couldn’t believe we had one on our doorstep and they’re run by people who are well known and trustworthy people who only have a desire for improving the conditions that prevail the Ummah.

“Everyone has been doing a great job fundraising, we only had 2-3 weeks to fundraise – Alhamdulillah everyone smashed their targets. We are hoping this will have raised well over £10,000 by the time fundraising closes”

The ride followed the route through to the idyllic village of Euxton, Chorley and into Preston and back through some tough climbs and some fast of the daunting but rapid A59.

Riders then celebrated with a hearty and somewhat healthy meal at Frankster’s in Blackburn, grilled chicken and wings with lashings of peri peri sauce was the order of the day.

“I really enjoyed it, it wasn’t too easy or too hard,” said Ibn Hussain when talking about the food.

“All of the participants finished safely which as organisers is our priority.

“We had some really challenging climbs for the beginner riders though. We really had to encourage each other to get to the top at those times.”

Yakub Ahmedabadhi from Nuneaton, said he wanted to take part in the challenge to push himself and help a worthy cause.

“I am a keen swimmer but due to lockdown that’s went out of the window, I started cycling and just kept pushing myself to see where I could take this,” he said.

“So when this Yemen ride was advertised  I thought I would get my family involved. I’ve done some of the 30+ mile routes on a mountain bike before so I was prepared Alhamdulillah.

“This one was beautiful and definitely something to remember.”

One our younger riders Sharaz Manzur finished off the day with a few heartfelt words for the departing participants.

He said, “Remember, the beneficiaries aren’t just the people of Yemen, you’re doing this for your Akhirah so invariably you have the most to gain from this. Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala in His infinite mercy will multiply your rewards ten fold. May Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala accept all our efforts and unite us all to continue this work of Khair”

If you are feeling inspired and missed out on this opportunity, fear not, we’re teaming up with Humanity Care Relief again for another fundraising cycle ride in the near future in shaa Allah.

Watch this space.


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